January 9, 2013

a random hump day post

Quiet day here! Wednesdays are usually my day off work, which means running around to appointments and ending with Wed. night knitting.

Somehow when I wake up in the morning there seems to be lots of time to get everything done. Then it's 11 pm and I wonder where the day went. There was some yoga-ing at Xtreme Measures (it's actually BTS Centergy) and then my monthly blood donation. Sorry, that is the only picture I managed to take today!

Some knitting at Boucle, late b-day dinner with Sheila and AJ and then casting on a Honey Cowl for another class I will be teaching later this month.

Apparently I need a new blog banner/logo since I don't know what happened to the last one. Trying to bribe the lil sis into making me a new one. Sure is nice to have a graphic designer in the fam.

Remembering to take pics throughout the day is gonna take some effort! G'nite all =)