January 9, 2013


After a long period of dormancy, I've decided I wanted to try this blogging business again. It's really difficult because I'm a very quiet person and better at listening than speaking/writing.

My only goal is to chronicle my year, if not in words then at least a picture of what is happening that day. A week late already but that means you get a few pics to look at!

Sunday Jan. 6th was my 31st birthday and that was harder to take than my 30th. Went out for brunch with my buddy Michelle and had an awesome Bloody Mary. Hardly had room for food when I was done with that.

Got beautiful flowers from my in-laws

and finished one of my X-Country Mittens for Boucle Yarn Studio. This is a kit from Mountain Colors and took me less than 1 day for the left mitten. Very simple pattern and fun to knit!