April 6, 2008

Busy Weekend!

On Friday, Senators Obama and Clinton paid a visit to Grand Forks, ND to speak a the ND Democratic convention. Tom, my sister, and I made donations so we could attend the Obama reception prior to the keynote speech. Ed Shultz did a little speech, then Kent Contrad introduced Barack Obama.

Here's a little clip. Sorry it might take a little while to load!

I'm a bit on the short side so I didn't get the best view, but it was way cool to be so close to the next President of the United States (hopefully.)

Seeing him speak only made us 1,000 x's more sure that we're voting for the right person. He's as down to earth as he seems on TV, and even better to hear his speeches in person.

On the knitting front, a few folks from Grand Forks came to meet up with us Fargo knitters Saturday. There was a small shop-hop starting at Prairie Yarns, going to Boucle Yarn Studio, and ending at The Winery for dinner.

Here are the crazy chicks with sticks:

AJ and Carolyn

Andy and Katie


Jenna Kate and Maggie

We had a great time and hope to do it again!